Color Schemes

Think about the environment that you will be doing your photoshoot in. What are the main colors of your background? What type of look are you going for? Is it urban or more natural? Avoid bringing all black clothes. Black is fine, but bring other colors too. Bright colors will make you standout in most environments.

My personal favorite is a complimentary color scheme. Bright, fun, and opposite brings out the fun of the photoshoot! A great tool for picking color schemes is Adobe Color. Check it out!

Style of Dance

What is your favorite style of dance? What style are you trying to portray? If you are a Hip Hop dancer you might want to wear pants, a fun top, and some snazzy shoes. If you are a contemporary dancer, you may want to wear something tight fitting, flowy, or edgy! If you are a ballet dancer, maybe bring some pointe shoes, some skirts and some tutus!


Yes. Bring your sunglasses, cute jackets, extra fabric, props. We love to see it. Don't forget about the shoes! Not all your shots need to be done barefoot. Your photoshoot is to represent you and YOUR uniqueness. Make it fun!

Avoid Recognizable Logos

Try to avoid big, recognizable logos on your apparel if your images are for auditions & personal portfolio. Small logos on clothing are okay and can be edited out upon request!

Bring Options

Bring more than you think! You won't end up wearing all of them, but having options will give you a variety for your photoshoot! Although, don't bring more than you or your parent can carry. I am more than willing to help style your outfits with what you bring. If you have time, take photos of you in each of the outfits so we can have a digital catalog that we can reference during the shoot!

Be Age Appropriate

What ever you wear, make sure it is appropriate for your age. Enough said.

Bring a cover up

This especially goes for on-location photoshoots. Dance wear can be more revealing than casual wear, so make sure to bring something you can quickly cover up with while moving spots to stay warm and safe! If you are shooting photos in a busy downtown city environment, dancers safety is a priority.

What ever outfits you decide to bring, you are guaranteed to look awesome. My job is to make you look good and be as comfortable as possible!